Summer 2013 Summary and Wrap-up

history display

History Collection Display

I had a rather good summer at TPL. It came to a close with my promotion! While I have been doing the work of a librarian (as my boss has been telling me) I now have the title! And the raise, which is great. I am, however, still looking for another part-time job …or a fulltime one someplace else, as sad as I’d be to leave TPL!

With this new title, I’ve also taken on new collections that I order for. Weeding is on hold right now, due to a lack of staff members. As much as that bums me out, I don’t think I could tackle all my collections on my own right now! Here is the run-down of what I’m now ordering:

· 200s
· 330s-390s
· 790s
· 900s
· Science Fiction and Fantasy
· Mass Market paperbacks
· Trade paperbacks
· EBOOKS!! (via Overdrive)

I am not overwhelmed, yet. The excitement is carrying me through. Also, all of the non-fiction is ordered through the end of October, saving for patron requests that I approve. Ebooks are ordered (roughly) twice a month. Since TPL is a part of the Midwest Collaborative for Library Services package I am only ordering extra titles, requests, and (thanks to a generous eBook budget) a few other titles. Particularly when it comes to teen related material.

I had fun with displays, which always prove enjoyable to me. I had an incredibly popular (and simple) romance display that I could not keep stocked! I also waged a quiet war against the notion that the genre of romance was a silly one. Psh, not on my watch! I also had several less successful displays; one on history and another with music CDs. While CDs remain a hot item at our library, I have a feeling people just weren’t that interested in what I put up there. I forgive them, I have strange taste in music. The history display, well, it should have been amazing. I think if I had done something more eye catching I could have at least gotten more traffic to it. The premade sign just wasn’t that interesting or visually attractive. Anyway, I’ve got a banned books week display on taps next, I hope it will prove to be more interesting to patrons.

I taught my first classes this summer, as a part of a two week “Job Seeking Skills” class.  It was with a class of 16 adult job hunters, who had mid range to beginner computer skills.  The courses covered everything from basic Word skills to writing a resume and cover letter.  I taught specifically on how to job hunt using the internet.  Monster, Indeed, ect, as well as how to create and maintain profiles on company and organization websites.  It was a great experience for me, as I had an outline of what I needed to teach, but was allowed to do so as I pleased!

I am also planning my first adult programming! It’s all set up, save for the marketing. I am having a speaker come in and give a demo on how to make your own chocolate candies at home. I anticipate it being popular, as there will be prizes and you get to taste the candy we make!