LIS 7850: Mid-semester Update

Read more about my thoughts on blogging for this class under the cut.

I have really been challenged in writing some of the blog posts for LIS 7850.  As the semester just passes midpoint, I have been asked to reflect on what I am writing, why, and the different trends I am seeing within my writing.

I have touched on many different issues, due to varied prompts.  I enjoy that our topics vary, because it allows me to consider and develop thoughts on a number of issues and subjects. However, the posts I have enjoyed putting together the most are ones that dealt with issues of social justice and equality.  As I have progressed through this class and our various readings and assignments, I have found that there is more inequality that comes with aging than I realized.  I knew and was aware of issues of ableism and other issues associated with physical disabilities, but I was not truly aware of those facing older adults.  This knowledge is helping me to better check the privileges I have as a young person and more me to be aware of possible issues.  It has also helped me gain a better measure of understanding.  This will, in return, help me server a population better in my career as an information professional.

I fully expect to continue on this theme of social justice, inequality, oppression etc. in my future writings for this class and possibly even future publications.  I would enjoy taking the blog post Micro-Aggression and Oppression and turn it into something greater.  I believe that being aware of Micro-aggressions  is an important issue and it’s erasure can help make the library and other information agencies to become a significantly more welcoming for a wide range of of people who face these types of micro-aggressive behaviors.


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