Internship Updates

It’s been almost two months since I started my new internship at TPL, and I’m loving working there.  Right now my time has been split between the technology center and the reference desk, with a few small side projects.

I about cried the other day when the library director told me I was great now, but I was going to be even greater later down the road.  I’ve made my share of silly newbie mistakes, but I’m learning.  Anyway, I’d be worried if I wasn’t making mistakes.

At the technology desk I’ve mostly been checking people out, but I’ve also been able to assist patrons using e-readers, Overdrive and Freading (the library’s e-book/audiobook lenders), and a variety of questions about computers, from scanning to using Microsoft Office, to email tech support.  I never know what people are going to ask me, or how a computer is going to break next.

I’ve come to the ever so creative opinion that computers are weird.

Evanced, our calendar software is a nightmare for me!  I don’t know if any of you have ever used it, but it seems highly user unfriendly.   Thankfully, all the wonderful librarians and tech assistants that I work with are willing to walk me through the steps.  I hope they will click soon.

I’ve also been helping as the assistant for the Microsoft Word classes.  It never ceases to amaze me that adults will talk though a class, even if they’ve been told they are disrupting class.  However, it’s good on the ground work for me, and helps me see how a successful class can be run, when different personalities are making up the class.  I hope I’ll be able to fill this experience out with an instructional methods class next spring.  That is, if Wayne doesn’t go and cancel all my classes.  K

While I enjoy my time at the technology desk, my heart belongs at the reference desk, and I suspect it always will belong there.  Helping patrons hunt down a book, either in the Troy library or through MeL is exciting.  Being able to research new topics (and get paid for it) will never stop being novel to me.  At least, I hope it will never stop being novel to me.

I’ve gotten some great reference questions from the huge and terrifying:

“I want a good book.” (I need to read less romance!  More new fiction!)

To questions like:

“Who is the CEO for Shell Oil?”  (which ended up being more complicated than we thought!  As there were several people who could have filled that role, depending where in the world you were looking!)

And an unanswerable:

“Can you help me write a business proposal?”   and then when I said no, “will you read my business proposal for me?”

I’ll even be helping with a teen program of duck tape flower pens and pencil cases.   And!  They are sending me to a conference later in the year.

All in all I’m loving it, and could not be happier at my internship.