New Job, new outlooks, new posts.

Image CC from CCAC North Library’s Flickr

Sadly I did not get the position where I was working temporarily.  I was simply too far away from my degree.  However, the head of the department gave me some wonderful feedback.  I was a top pick, I nailed the interview and the teaching segment.  I am looking at this is a learning experience and am thankful for my time there!

I was very lucky to get an internship in Adult Services at the Troy Public Library.  I’ll be doing all kinds of things, from working the reference desk, the tech desk, helping with classes, programing, and of course, other duties as needed.  I’ve just finished up my third day and I am really enjoying everything so far.  There is a lot to learn and my head is swimming, but I’m learning.

Today, my new boss told me she was pleased that I was a self-starter.  I would have never called myself a self-starter in the past.  It hit me that, yes, I am.  I’ve learned to be someone who self-starts.  After years of being hesitant and afraid of looking stupid (or worse, being told I’m stupid), I realized that I need to just do it.  It being whatever the task is, because if I let my fears get the worst of me I will never succeed.  Moreover, if I don’t start, I’ll sit there blankly and the only impression of me will be “that short fat girl with glasses, she does…stuff?”

I want to be the short fat girl in classes that is known for, if not knocking it out of the park, working hard and getting the job done.

In other news, in order to facilitate my desire to provide a better readers advisory to patrons, I am going to push myself to read outside of my normal genres and make review posts, so look forward to those!


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