Reference Librarian

I love reference.  I have fallen head over heels with the subject.  Last semester I did an observation at a small local college for a project, and fell even more in love with the profession (Art?  Science?  I think good reference is both an art and a science).

Refrence and Information

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A month ago, the director of this library emailed me and asked if I would like to take a temporary job working the reference desk, and then apply for the full time position.  Abandoning the job security of my (non-library) student job, I jumped on the opportunity.  I would be paid to do something I dearly loved.

I am being paid to do a job I love.  I have been there for two and a half weeks, and I love my students.  The library is small, but it does its best to serve the students, staff, professors, and guests.  As I believe that the library should be for the users, (always, always, always.  It is their library.  I just work in it.)  This thrills me.

I work with traditional, adult students, and underprepared students.  They range from being adept at searching, to students who have never used a database or catalog.  I delight in all of them!  I find this to be a very satisfying job, and I know I belong working reference.

I am almost done with my cover letter and updated resume.  I am gathering my references as I speak, and I think I have a fighting chance at the job.